Creates a layer from the specified element with the ability to edit the content.


The Editable module is designed for easy and quick editing of small texts. This is not a full-featured text editor. So, everything is made for the sake of simplicity and reliability: pasting only plain-text and Enter key does not cause a line break.

Let's look how to edit a heading tag.

<h1 data-kube="editable" placeholder="Enter text here...">...</h1>

The editing of a div layer.

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<div data-kube="editable" placeholder="Enter text here...">...</div>



Type: Boolean

Default: false

This option allows to set the focus to the editable layer.

<div data-kube="editable" data-focus="true">...</div>


Method Description
stop Remove the contenteditable attribute from the element and make it is non editable.
start Add the contenteditable attribute and make the element is editable.

Use API inside modules

    $K.add('module', 'mymodule', {
        init: function(app, context)
            this.app = app;
        show: function()
            // all editable on the page

            // for specified editable with ID or data-name

How to add the ID or data-name for editable:

<div data-name="myeditable" data-kube="editable">...</div>

// or ID
<div id="myeditable" data-kube="editable">...</div>

Use API from outside

//  all editable on the page
<button onclick="$K.api('editable.stop');">Stop</button>

// for specified editable with ID or data-name
<button onclick="$K.api('editable.myeditable.start');">Start</button>